Creating a regenerative future now.

Chad Frischmann’s Selected

Speaking Engagements


We need to rethink our Global Goals: to move beyond stablization, beyond sustainability, towards regeneration. And along the way, reverse global warming.

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We the Future

TED Global, Skoll Foundation, and the UN Foundation

TED talk @ The New York Climate Week, 2018

What if we took out more greenhouse gases than we put into the atmosphere? This hypothetical scenario, known as "drawdown," is our only hope of averting climate disaster, says strategist Chad Frischmann. In a forward-thinking talk, he shares solutions to climate change that exist today -- conventional tactics like the use of renewable energy and better land management as well as some lesser-known approaches, like changes to food production, better family planning and the education of girls. Learn more about how we can reverse global warming and create a world where regeneration, not destruction, is the rule.

This talk was presented at “We the Future,” a special event in partnership with the Skoll Foundation and the United Nations Foundation.

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Drawdown and the Food System


Keynote @ The MAD Symposium, 2018

MAD, meaning ‘food’ in Danish, aims to transform the food system by giving chefs and restaurateurs the skills, community, time, and space to create real and sustainable change in their restaurants, in their communities, and across the world.

The MAD Symposium is an annual gathering on a small island in Copenhagen’s harbor, where the MAD team assemble people from the cooking world and other disciplines together. During this two-day experience, attendees discuss the things that matter most in food, like sustainable agriculture, social entrepreneurship, science, health, and creativity. 


When we implement all these solutions together, we shift the way we do business from a system that is inherently exploitative and extractive to a new normal that is by nature restorative and regenerative.

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Launching Drawdown Netherlands

Drawdown NEtherlands, Interface Inc., and Dutch NAtional sustainability Congress

Keynote @ The 18th Dutch National Sustainability Congress, 2018

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The 18th Dutch National Sustainability Congress, the largest sustainability event in The Netherlands, played host to both the release of the Dutch translation of the book Drawdown, as well as the launch of Drawdown Netherlands, a collaborative initiative to support research, communication, and action around drawdown solutions.

Bringing a diverse selection of speakers, sharp debates, and a wide range of topics in a variety of sessions and expos, the Dutch National Sustainability Congress brought nearly 500 directors, managers and professionals from the business community and government to this year’s event.

@ The launch of the Dutch translation of  Drawdown

@ The launch of the Dutch translation of Drawdown

Reducing Food Waste is a Climate Solution

Harvard University and ReFed

Keynote @ The U.S. Food Waste Summit 2018

ReFED, a nonprofit organization working with leaders across the food system to reduce waste, partnered with Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic to organize the 2018 U.S. Food Waste Summit, which took place at the Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA. The Summit brought together more than 300 leaders from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors to accelerate solutions to food waste and achieve the national goal to cut food waste in half by 2030.

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Drawdown: Solutions to Reversing Global Warming

German Energy Agency (dena), Climate-KIC, and The European Climate Foundation

Keynote @ The Drawdown Europe Launch, 2018

From Project Drawdown’s initial collaborative research project, Drawdown Europe was launched in April 2018 as an initiative of the German Energy Agency (dena), European Climate Foundation, and Climate-KIC. This joint venture will act as a center of research, innovation, and implementation focusing on solutions and the Drawdown framework, while capitalizing on European expertise and knowledge.

At the heart of it all is a considerable community of researchers, activists, business-leaders, politicians, policymakers and organizations who put forth and support these solutions within the European context.

Other speakers included:

  • Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO of the German Energy Agency (dena)

  • Prof. Dr. h.c. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact

  • Per Espen Stoknes, Psychologist, economist

  • Lucia Bakulumpagi-Wamala, CEO & Founder, Bakulu Power

  • Alexis Seller, Pollinate Energy India

  • Jules Kortenhorst, CEO Rocky Mountain Institute

  • Svenja Schulze, German Federal Minister for the Environment

Other selected Drawdown engagements include:


  • Keynote, Global Sustainable Technologies and Innovation Conferences (G-STIC)

  • Plenary Speaker, Drawdown Switzerland Launch

  • Plenary Panelist, Omega Center for Sustainable Living

  • Plenary Speaker, University of Central Florida and the VoLo Foundation “Climate Correction Conference”

  • Speaker, MIT Climate Action Team, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Plenary Speaker, International Conference on Sustainable Development, Columbia University

  • Panelist and Advisor, Keeling Curve Prize Ceremony

  • Keynote, Carbon Leadership Forum

  • Keynote, B Corp Leadership Development Bay Area

  • Speaker, PG&E Innovators Evening Lecture Series

  • Plenary Speaker, V Colombian Conference at MIT & Harvard

  • Keynote, World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) & The Graduate Institute, Geneva

  • Panelist and Jury Member, Startup Energy Transition Award

  • Keynote, 1% for the Planet 2018 Global Summit

  • Lecture, Pew Charitable Trusts

  • Speaker, City of Sunnyvale Sustainability Speaker Series


  • Panel Speaker, dena (German Energy Agency) Congress

  • Keynote, COP23 Drawdown Special Event

  • Keynote, Northwestern Institute for Sustainability and Energy Climate Change Symposium

  • Keynote, Sustainable Enterprise Conference Contra Costa

  • Keynote, Sustainable Enterprise Conference Marin

  • Lecture, Environmental Innovation Practicum, Foster Business School, Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Washington

  • Thinker, Centre for Local Prosperity and Pugwash Thinkers Lodge retreat: Climate Change, Drawdown and the Human Prospect

  • Webinar lecture, West Coast Climate & Materials Management Forum

  • Lecture, Environmental Forum of Marin Master Class

  • Keynote, Visions of the Wild Festival

  • Speaker, University of California, Berkeley and Climate Compassion Salon

  • Speaker, Clean + Cool Collective

  • Speaker, St. Cross College, University of Oxford